Automated UI Testing With Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics

Introduction In a previous article I investigated the use of Amazon Sagemaker to perform automated UI testing for a web application. The intent was to produce an automated test suite which could detect obvious visual errors. In this article I will demonstrate a more robust technique using Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics. More specifically, I will beContinue reading “Automated UI Testing With Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics”

Serverless Jenkins and Amazon ECS Exec

In this very short article I will show how you can create a serverless Jenkins instance and start a shell session in an AWS Fargate task without opening SSH ports or managing SSH keys. Why Serverless? No server is easier to manage than no server. Werner Vogels, CTO @ Amazon Managing a fleet of EC2Continue reading “Serverless Jenkins and Amazon ECS Exec”

Serverless File Transfer Workload – Part 2 – AntiVirus

Introduction We require uploaded files to be scanned for viruses before they can be processed further. Design Our design for this solution can be represented in the following diagram. There is a lot in this so let’s describe all that is happening here. We use ClamAV to perform the anti-virus scans. ClamAV definitions are storedContinue reading “Serverless File Transfer Workload – Part 2 – AntiVirus”

AWS Fargate Application Configuration With S3 Environment Files

A recent AWS Fargate feature update has added support for S3 hosted environment files. In this article I will show how you could use this to manage your application’s configuration. I will also demonstrate how changes to the configuration can be released in a blue-green deployment. Design The solution we will build will follow theContinue reading “AWS Fargate Application Configuration With S3 Environment Files”